Felipe J. Quezada 

Postdoctoral Scholar at UC Santa Cruz (NOAA Fisheries  affiliate)

📍 La Jolla, CA

About Me...

Hello! I'm an Environmental & Natural Resource Economist.  In March/April 2024,  I will join the Department of Economics at the University of Concepción as Assistant Professor!

I have a Ph.D. in Resource Economics from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where I also taught and assisted courses on statistics, cost-benefit analysis, and price theory. I have published multiple papers in peer-reviewed journals, such as Environmental & Resource Economics, Marine Resource Economics, and Aquaculture Economics & Management.

In my research, I use empirical and theoretical methods, such as discrete choice models, experimental economics, agent-based modeling, time-series econometrics, and Bayesian modeling, to analyze common pool resources and fisheries management, fisher behavior, coalition formation, price determination in natural resources markets, and the socio-economic impact of climate change on commercial fisheries. 

Feel free to contact me at  fequezad@ucsc.edu